Organic Wildflower | CBD Honey

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Organic Wildflower CBD Honey

Organic wildflower honey meets Oregon-grown Hemp CBD in an easy-to-love, 100% biodegradable package. Small-batch, lab tested & made with intention. 


What are the benefits of Organic Wildflower CBD Honey?

Organic wildflower honey meets Oregon-grown Hemp CBD in an easy-to-love, 100% biodegradable package. Wildflower Honey is known as poly floral honey, which means the nectar is taken from multiple sources and species of flowers and blossoms.  The main difference between clover honey (regular honey) and wildflower honey comes down to the taste and the processing method. Clover honey is a little more common than wildflowers, and often much lighter in color. Wildflower honey often has light floral undertones. It will also have a flavor that reflects the specific part of the world and time of year. This means that wildflower honey tastes different regionally! Not only does Wildflower Honey differ in flavor regionally, but it will also differ in color. They have an almost infinite shade and flavor range depending on where the nectar is sourced from. Every year of a honey harvest will taste different, so you’ll never have the same taste two seasons in a row. Our wildflower honey is made in small batches, lab-tested, made with intention, and named after the wild blossoms that serve as the main ingredient and flavor profile of this delicious treat. Rich flavor with complex profiles, this honey is packed with nutrients, with notes of sweet maple, local fruits, and bright and sweet flower blossoms. All of our honey is sourced from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and packaged in Portland. 

When should I use Organic Wildflower CBD Honey?

\nUse our honey to sweeten any of our teas, or add some extra CBD to your tea. It would also be great as a topping on morning waffles instead of maple syrup or used as a sugar alternative in any recipe. 



Wildflower Honey

Also known as polyfloral honey, it is derived from numerous species of flowers and blossoms. Highly nutritious with a long history in medicine. Sweet, delicate, maple flavor.

Full Spectrum Extract

Sourced from industrial hemp (< 0.3% THC) flowers. Retains full cannabinoid profile and allows for high-potency infusions.

Turmeric Root

An important herb in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has a history spanning millennia and is considered energetically hot. It has integrated itself into herbalism, food, and other cultural rituals.

Black Pepper

Sharp and poignant, Black Pepper's punch comes from high piperine content, an alkaloid. Woodsy, piney, and hot.

Orange Extract

A bright, sunny, and refreshing extract from oranges.


MCT is Medium-Chain Triglycerides, which are fats found in foods like coconut oil. Clear to a golden yellow color, MCT oil is also very light in flavor, slightly sweet with a hint of coconut.