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CBD Tea | Infused Rooibos & Licorice Tea

Crafted with antioxidant-rich Rooibos, stomach-soothing Licorice root, skin & gut supporting Marshmallow root, the powerful Astragalus, and much more, our Cosmic Cleanse is brewed for a better you. 

What are the benefits of Cosmic Cleanse?

Elevate yourself, starting with body and peaking with mind & spirit. Crafted with antioxidant-rich CBD Rooibos tea, stomach-soothing Licorice root, skin & gut supporting Marshmallow root, the powerful Astragalus, and much more, our Cosmic Cleanse is brewed for a better you. Gentle, naturally sweet & slightly nutty, this blend is easy to drink & impossible not to love. The base of Cosmic Cleanse is our Red Rooibos, also known as Red Bush, is sourced from the highest mountain peaks in South Africa. It is an ultra-fine and delicate tea. It is an amazing caffeine-free alternative to black or green tea. Marshmallow Root has been used for millennia as edible food and for their properties to soothe. It is commonly found growing in damp environments like, marches, seas and river banks. It is naturally high in mucilaginous. Licorice Root (sometimes spelled liquorice) is a herbaceous legume native to the Middle East, southeastern Europe and India. It is the most widely used herb in the world. It is universally loved as a sweetener for herbal teas and is the most widely used worldwide. It is the single most used herb in Chinese medicine. Cardamom has an intense, piney and slightly fruity flavor. It is often used in coffee and as a flavoring to curry dishes. In India, cardamom is considered to be the  “Queen of Spices”.  Astragalus Root (milkvetch or Huang qi)  is a perennial native to China, Mongolia, and North Korea. It grows in grassy regions and along mountain sides, and they require a lot of sunlight to grow. It was historically used in Chinese Medicine in a Qi Tonic. Traditionally, the roots were used in tea. 

What does Cosmic Cleanse taste like? 

Tasting Notes: Honey-like finish, smooth and succulent. Floral notes 

When should I drink Cosmic Cleanse? 

Cosmic cleanse doesn’t contain caffeine so it is a great tea to drink at any time during the day but can be enjoyed in the evening for relaxing. Remember, each bag can be used up to 2-3 times (and be sure to press and massage the bag with a spoon for maximum benefit!) 
    • Est. 50-60MG Per Tea Bag (Full Spectrum)

    • 1 pack, 3 pack, and 20 pack available

    • Contains coconut milk (used as a lipid to increase CBD absorption)


Dandelion Root

A treasured botanical with a long history, including centuries of traditional medicine in practices all over the world. Delicate & sweet when ingested, and used to settle the stomach.

Coconut Milk Powder

Freshly pressed coconut milk. Supports cannabinoid bioavailability & is rich in iron, fiber & magnesium, and antioxidants like selenium.

Yucca Root

The root of the Cassava plant. Used to produce tapioca maltodextrin, which prevents caking & clumping.

Acacia Fiber

A water-soluble dietary fiber exuded from the acacia tree. Sourced from small organic farms.

Hemp (cannabis sativa)

Aromatic Oregon-grown hemp sourced from USDA Organic Certified and 3rd-Party Tested farms. Considered "industrial," with less than 0.3% THC...


Red Rooibos

Fermented leaves from the Aspalathus linearis shrub, Rooibos is a great alternative to black and green tea. Rooibos has a sweet, delicate and earthy flavor.

Marshmallow Root

Used for millennia for its soothing properties, Marshmallow Root can be found in beverages, desserts, and more. Supports a well regulated & balanced body & mind.


Intense, piney, & slightly fruity with a touch of sweet. Some menthol characteristics, with many health benefits

Licorice Root
This herbaceous legume is one of the most widely used herbs worldwide. Distinct sweet profile with pungent camphor notes, akin to anise and fennel. Settling. 


Called Huang Qi, Astragalus has been traditionally used in Chinese Medicine as a 'Qi' tonic to promote overall wellness. Sweet, slightly warm & adaptogenic.

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