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CBD Tea | Infused ChaiTea

Crafted with simple ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves & nutmeg, each cup provides a deep, earthy, warm, and tantalizingly exotic chai. 

The Benefits of CBD Chai 

A much-loved favorite, our CBD Chai Tea will help brighten mind & soul without excessive caffeine. Crafted with simple ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves & nutmeg, each cup provides a deep, earthy, warm, and tantalizingly exotic chai. A touch of vanilla rounds out each sip with light sweetness guaranteed to delight! Chai comes from the Hindi word meaning tea. So, saying chai tea is redundant. In western culture, chai implies black tea with spices, milk, and sugar.  It is fragrant and spicy tea. We use Darjeeling Tea in our CBD Chai Tea. Darjeeling Tea is cultivated from Darjeeling or Kalimpong Districts in West Bengal, India. It has an earthy aroma and a full-bodied flavor. Meaning Land of the Thunderbolt, it originally is derived from the Tibetan words Dorge. Darjeeling is a black tea made from younger leaves and buds which contain more caffeine than older and more mature tea leaves. It shares many of the same benefits as black tea. 

What does Chai CBD Taste Like? 

Earthy and a floral aroma full-bodied with a blend of ginger, cloves, nutmeg, black pepper, anise, and vanilla, it has an indulgent flavor and complex characteristics. 

Tasting Notes: Ginger, nutmeg, vanilla 

When should I drink Chai Awakening? 

Because of the caffeine, we recommend starting off your morning with our Chai Awakening or enjoying it for a little boost of energy throughout the day in the afternoon. Remember, each bag can be used up to 2-3 times (and be sure to press and massage the bag with a spoon for maximum benefit!) 
    • Est. 50-60MG Per Tea Bag (Full Spectrum)

    • Contains caffeine

    • 1 pack, 3 pack, and 20 pack available

    • Contains coconut milk (used as a lipid to increase CBD absorption)


Hemp (cannabis sativa)

Aromatic Oregon-grown hemp sourced from USDA Organic Certified and 3rd-Party Tested farms. Considered "industrial," with less than 0.3% THC...


Tea cultivated Darjeeling or Kalimpong Districts in West Bengal, India. Distinct and popular black tea with a full body.


Pungent, woodsy & slightly spicy. A traditionally popular ingredient that complements many dishes & drinks.


Intense, piney, & slightly fruity with a touch of sweetness. Some menthol characteristics, with many health benefits


A distinctive spice with a nutty, spicy aroma. Delicious and versatile with woodsy, savory characteristics.

Black Pepper

Sharp and poignant, Black Pepper's punch comes from high piperine content, an alkaloid. Woodsy, piney, and hot.


Pungent ginger root is widely used to relieve occasional aches & pains and support stomach health. A fiery flavor profile that warms and settles.

Vanilla Bean

A member of the orchid family, vanilla is one of the most recognizable flavors in the world. It may be used in food, tea, and cosmetics.


A strong, hot spice that's similar to but sharper than cinnamon. Warming and clearing, clove is also high in antioxidants.


A pungent spice with a licorice flavor. Anise is widely used in cooking around the world, and it also is rich in many nutrients.

Chrysanthemum Flowers

A popular fall flower, Chrysanthemum (a.k.a Mums) has also been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine for benefits around relief and relaxation.

Vanilla Bean Extract

Certified organic vanilla essence. Sourced from vanilla bean, and free from solvents, artificial preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers, and artificial processing aids.

Coconut Milk Powder

Freshly pressed coconut milk. Supports cannabinoid bioavailability & rich in iron, fiber & magnesium, and antioxidants like selenium.

Yucca Root

The root of the Cassava plant. Used to produce tapioca maltodextrin, which prevents caking & clumping.

Acacia Fiber

A water-soluble dietary fiber exuded from the acacia tree. Sourced from small organic farms..

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