CBD For Sleep Sample Pack

CBD For Sleep Sample Pack

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Sleep Well, Live Well

CBD is Better for Sleep is a balanced blend of broad-spectrum CBD, melatonin, and terpenes which calms the mind and brings you rest.

Each bottle contains 750mg total CBD along with other active ingredients. (THC Free)

Gluten-Free, Vegan, THC Free, Made In The USA

Active Ingredients
Alpha Pinene, Broad Spectrum CBD, Danshen, Limonene, Melatonin, Suanzaoren

Inactive Ingredients
Palm-Derived MCT Oil, Tapioca Starch

2 Count Pack

Calm, Sleep, Tranquility

Vegan Softgels
30 count, 30 pack Dispenser, 2 count

Frequently Asked Questions

How many CBD is Better for Sleep vegan softgels should I take?

We recommend starting with one softgel with a full glass of water.  And see how you feel one or two hours after taking it. Then, try taking an additional softgel if needed.

When should I take CBD is Better for Sleep vegan softgels?

Take one vegan softgel 30 minutes to an hour before your desired bedtime.

Should I take CBD is Better for Sleep vegan softgels on an empty stomach or with food?

Either is fine; however, you will have better results on an emptier stomach. Try to resist eating any food 3-4 hours before bedtime to maximize the absorption of ingredients.

What is hemp extract?
An extract is a preparation method that concentrates an ingredient—in this case, hemp. Hemp extract consists of phytocannabinoids and plant matter such as terpenes and flavonoids.