CBD For Hangovers ( Sample Size)

CBD For Hangovers ( Sample Size)

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2 count Pack

Morning, Here I Come.

Cbd Is Better For Hangovers promotes reducing pain and improving mood to bounce back no matter how much fun you had the night before.
Broad Spectrum CBD Cannabinoid from the hemp plant promotes calmness to help reduce pain and inflammation. Caffeine Relieve pain while improving mood and alertness. Milk Thistle Rejuvenate and detox the liver. Promotes protein and cell regeneration. Caryophyllene Reduces pain and inflammation. Starflower (Borage) Oil Contains EFAs (essential fatty acids) with anti-inflammatory properties.

Active Ingredients
Broad Spectrum CBD, Caffeine, Caryophyllene, Milk Thistle, Starflower (Borage) Oil (Thc Free)

Gluten-Free, Vegan, THC Free, Made In The USA

Inactive Ingredients

Palm-Derived MCT Oil, Tapioca Starch

Energy, Recovery, Relief

Vegan Softgels
30 count bottle, 30 pack Dispenser, 2 count

Frequently Asked Questions

How many CBD is Better for Hangovers vegan softgels should I take?

We recommend taking one softgel with a full glass of water and see how you feel. Wait one or two hours after taking. Then, try taking an additional softgel if needed.

When should I take CBD is Better for Hangovers vegan softgels?
Take one vegan softgel in the morning with a full glass of water and a sunny disposition.

Should I take CBD is Better for Hangovers vegan softgels on an empty stomach or with food?

Either is fine; however, you can take them with a good, greasy breakfast if it helps you feel better. 🙂

What is hemp extract?
An extract is a preparation method that concentrates an ingredient—in this case, hemp. Hemp extract consists of phytocannabinoids and plant matter such as terpenes and flavonoids.

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