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Discovery A Natural, Holistic Way Of Healing!


Hemp Wellness Store specializes in providing the Safest, Highest Quality, Medical Grade, and Medical Quality Hemp-Derived Cannabis Products.   We specialize in offering Non-Addictive, specially curated formulations created by Physicians, Pain Management Specialists, Board Certified Anesthesiologist; Cannabis Nurses, and Herbalists. Additionally, we provide Cannabis Nurse Approved products, and products made by Veteran Owned and Operated companies focused on mental health awareness and maintaining inner wellness and balance.  

We provide Education to our community, provide all consumers access to safe and affordable products, and financial assistance to those in need. If you or someone you may know needs help to find safe cannabis products or financial assistance to access safe cannabis products, please reach out to us; we would love to hear your story. In addition, we would love to provide valuable resources and assist you in any way that we can.  

CBD products at Hemp Wellness Store (HWS) are Hemp derived from the (Cannabis Sativa plant) manufactured by farmers as a supplement; no medical card is needed to purchase. The CBD we carry is non-psychoactive and comes from Hemp. CBD available at HWC is part of the center's integrative approach in providing holistic care for individuals seeking healthy and alternative options. Hemp-Derived products are alternatives to integrate into regular health practices; however, it is essential to consult with your health care provider when taking any over-the-counter supplements. Some supplements may interfere with medications.

CBD consultation sessions are made available to you by our Hemp Wellness Educators collaborating with Physicians and Nurses. Please note that supplements, including CBD, are not intended for treatment purposes or diagnoses. Statements such as pain relief, sleep, etc., are based on reports and shared with you via Education and not treatment recommendations or prescriptions. We recommend that you do your best to learn, research, and discuss Hemp CBD with your provider to make the best possible choices for your health and wellbeing. Additionally, we recommend that you speak with your physician regarding supplements you are taking to include CBD. We are available to collaborate with your primary care physician.  

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