Ritualx developed by Integrated Hemp Solutions is:

  • Physician-led and founded by Dr. James Taylor, MD.
  • Research Driven: We use data gathered from clinical studies and surveys to improve our formulas and education.
  • Laboratory Tested: All our products are tested multiple times to ensure they contain the ingredients listed and nothing else.
  • Education Driven: ritualx offers an expert nurse line and educated staff at our Integrated Hemp retail locations to answer your hemp related questions. We are also actively involved in educating medical providers and their office staff, and participate in national and international educational events.
  • Trusted by Patients and Physicians: Thousands of patients take our hemp extract formulas that have been recommended by their medical providers.
  • Consumer Protection Driven: We offer Confirmation Testing through Integrated Laboratory Solutions to provide accurate drug test results for individuals using hemp products. We are here to tell the truth and to arm the consumer with information that may save them their job.
  • Accessible to All: Our mission is to help everyone explore the potential benefits of cannabinoid medicine. To ensure our product is truly accessible to all, we offer a Financial Hardship Program to the communities we serve for those individuals in need. We are excited to expand this program in the future. 

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